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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Two types of Hindmarsh Island squared circle

I was playing with squared circles a few nights ago, and noticed these. The postmark on the green block is the "normal" 26.5 mm Hindmarsh Island squared circle, shown here for reference. The one on the orange stamp is the interesting one.

Walker shows the HI post office as:

opened 1857
closed 31/12/1860

re-opened 1/7/1897
closed 31/12/1899

reopened 22/4/1901
closed 29/11/1930

Overton shows the squared circle as known 1905-1913 and rated XXX. Later research has extended the dates to 1901-1925, and it probably isn't quite as rare as XXX indicates.

The postmark on the orange stamp initially caught my attention because of the 1899 date -- it predates the 1899 closing. Then I noticed that the R in HINDMARSH was a different shape -- and so are most of the other letters. And there is enough of the postmark showing to be sure that it is a squared circle. The clinching detail is the size: 23.5 mm versus 26.5 mm. So, updating Overton:

Hindmarsh Island

Type 1 XXXX 1899 23.5 mm
Type 2 XX 1901-1925 26.5 mm

Type 1 resembles the postmarks that were issued in 1894-95, and I'm sure earlier strikes will turn up. I'm betting Type 2 was used for the duration of the 1901-1930 era of the office, and that there are later ones to be found.