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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rupert Hine

I have various automated searches set up on eBay. Most days I get a little flurry of emails with the results of those searches. And quite predictably, the most useless of those searches is the one for recordings by Rupert Hine: it turns up a handful of wonderful but achingly common albums from the late 70s and early 80s, plus his work with the likes of Tina Turner and the Fixx. It was useless until earlier this week, that is, when finally a copy of "Rupert and David" singing Sound of Silence turned up. I've known about this recording for years, but never seen a copy for sale before. David is David MacIver, who recorded with Rupert in the 70s, too. This single was their only official recording in the 60s. There was an earlier unreleased album, "Songs by Rupert Hine and David MacIvor" -- apparently there are EMI acetate copies of it around. Neither of the songs on the single are on the acetate. According to Rupert's website:

In the early sixties, Rupert and David used to perform in pubs and clubs where the then relatively unknown Paul Simon would also play.
Both versions of 'The Sound Of Silence' were released in England at the same time. Neither of them sold more than 2,000 copies (Simon only later became famous with this song thanks to Dylan's producer Bob Johnstone who added electric guitars, bass and drums to the track).

The guitarist on the single is Jimmy Page. What didn't he play on in the mid-60s?!

More interesting is With One Look, which I've never seen on a discography. Digging around on the website, I found it in a section called Other Projects|Collectors Gallery. That's it -- no details.

Another oddity is that his early-70s "Sail on My Boat" album, which I believe I saw once, is not on his discography. Given that his website seems to record even pretty obscure sessions gigs, I'm beginning to wonder if I was hallucinating that one time I thought I saw it.