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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Australian beer glasses

I was intrigued by this site on the regional names for different sizes (and presumably styles) of beer glasses in Australia. I'd always assumed that the schooner/middie/pony distinction I grew up with in Sydney was standard across the country. I should have known better! (A schooner was the standard size; middies were for teenagers or not-so-thirsty adults; and polite non-beer-drinking-ladies-who-ordered-something-to-keep-you-company would order a pony.) Apparently using that lingo will label you as a Sydneysider in Melbourne. Interesting how they still measure the stuff in ounces. Same here in metric Canada, although here we have only pints (20 ounces, no?) and half-pints. Ordering a half-pint in some Toronto pubs gets you a pint glass filled to within a half inch or so of the top -- a wonderful bargain! Oddly, the beer glasses they sell for home use seem to be 12 ounces. I wondered about that until I realized they hold exactly the contents of your average bottle or can. Duh!

Anyway, I'm contently sipping a fairly weak gin and tonic from a Creemore Springs (12 ounce) glass as I type this. The glass holds a full can of tonic and just enough gin to give it some flavour. Yummm.