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Monday, January 02, 2006

Making sense of a halfpenny KGV

This stamp has the single-line perf 14.2 -- the rare one (BW 64). Supposedly all BW 64s are from Electro 3. And, to make it easy, from the watermark it is clear that this is the bottom right stamp (position 60) on the pane. So it is either 3L60 or 3R60. So, from Dix and Rowntree:

3L60: Lower frame: irregularity of lower side of frame for 1.5mm beginning 0.5mm from the right corner, usually having the form of two small notches.

3R60: Two flaws: (a) Lower right corner: point of white margin slightly enlarged and rounded. (b) Crown: cross shows signs of wear, especially at the left.

I guess it has to be 3R60 -- the white margin in the lower right corner is indeed slightly rounded. But the crown shows far more than "slight signs of wear" -- it is almost completely missing. Posted by Picasa