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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Multiple Balloon

For quite a while, I'd been trying to compile a discography of Sweet Peach, a small Adelaide-based 1960s/70s label. Until I got to know the label quite well, I though I liked everything they'd ever released, ranging from Doug Ashdown's gorgeous folk/rock to Fraternity's psych-tinged metal. (Then I discovered the label also released MOR performers like Don Lane and quite a bit of country. Oh well.)

I had a hard disk crash about a year ago. The guys at Sogo managed to save almost everything. The one thing I cared about that they were not able to restore was the Sweet Peach discography. And I haven't had the time to reconstruct it. Maybe I'll start again. What is inspiring me is finding this Multiple Balloon 45 on eBay. I really thought I'd at least heard of every Sweet Peach performer at this point, but these guys are total news to me. A Google search on "Multiple Balloon" turns up all sorts of articles on angioplasties and clowning (but none that I could see on both those topics). "'Multiple Balloon' peach" pulls up two listings for the record I just bought, one for $25 and the other for $35. I wonder if they released anything else?